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The student city. Mittweida.

It's almost as if the whole place is a campus: There are around 6,900 students in Mittweida – out of 15,000 inhabitants. Here, in the heart of Saxony, it really is as cosy as it is cosmopolitan. You're guaranteed to run into each other, at lectures, sports and in your free time. 

This student atmosphere makes for a good mood: every day in the student club, in the student-run Schwemme pub, and annually at the House on the Hill festival in May. Once a year, things really get going at the campus festival – where live acts, lots of shows and even talented teachers take to the stage. 

There's plenty of room in Mittweida for those who want to make a difference. The old cloth-weaving and cotton-spinning town is now characterised by start-ups and people with ideas. "Doing instead of just talking" is much more common here than in many a boom town. Part of the reason that graduates such as Audi founder August Horch, colour television inventor Walter Bruch, and the founders of crowd-funding pioneer "startnext" have felt so at home in Mittweida. 

An overall feel-good factor! Mittweida offers you various amenities. Most things are within easy walking distance. While others are on public transport, for example, you can indulge in a leisurely breakfast. And affordable rents in the modern halls of residence or one of the many shared flats in the old town leave enough over for the occasional travel adventure. Sounds great? It's Mittweida! 

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University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

The Hochschule Mittweida is the largest of Saxony's five universities of applied sciences.

Hauptgebäude der Hochschule Mittweida

Termine der HS Mittweida