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Finding the right university

There are state-run and state-recognised universities in Germany. The majority of the universities are financed and run by the state. There are 14 universities in Saxony. In accordance with the Freedom of Institutes of Higher Education Act, these universities do not charge fees for an undergraduate degree (e.g., Bachelor’s degree) and a Master’s degree based on a Bachelor’s degree in the standard period of study and for the next four semesters.There are also universities that are run by the church and state-recognised private universities. You have to enquire about the fees in these universities.

University or university of applied sciences?

If you go to university, the work you do tends to be academic; universities of applied sciences offer more work experience. That, to put it simply, is the basic principle. Both types of higher education institution educate upcoming generations of scientists and scholars. Universities of applied sciences are more application oriented. Many of them cooperate with companies, and research is becoming ever more important.

To an art academy?

If you can pass an audition or aptitude test to prove your artistic talent you may have an opportunity to study an arts subject even if you haven’t completed your Abitur. Art and music academies enjoy a status equivalent to universities and offer education in visual arts, artistic design, performing arts and musical subjects. A special feature is that they cooperate with renowned orchestras and theatres as well as connecting with successful artists.

To Saxony University of Cooperative Education?

Practice here, theory there – and both of them closely linked: this is the mission of Saxony University of Cooperative Education. At seven locations in Saxony, you will receive tailored preparation for your career choice: with a company to learn the job and at the university to learn the theory. And you receive a monthly salary. After three years, you take your recognised Bachelor’s degree or Diplom.

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