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Packing your bags to study in Saxony?

Even abroad, the word on the street is that studying in Saxony is worthwhile. Saxony's universities have a very good reputation – both nationally and internationally – with their excellent study conditions, outstanding support, diverse range of subjects and unique degree courses.

Here, you can find the right course for you

Large selection

More than 107,000 students from all parts of Germany and all over the world study in Saxony. Four universities (including TU Dresden, a University of Excellence), five universities of fine arts, five universities of applied sciences and the special portfolio of the Saxony University of Cooperative Education with its seven academies offer a huge spectrum of more than 1,000 study options from A for African Studies to Z for Zoology. You will find information on all other universities (state-recognised institutions or Hochschulen der Verwaltung/schools of administration) under www.studieren.sachsen.de/en

Here, tradition meets modernity

Modern universities

On open (digital) days, you can take a look at our modern universities, labs, workshops and libraries. In university buildings like the Paulinum in Leipzig or the faculties of mathematics and science at TU Dresden tradition meets state-of-the-art architecture. Germany’s most modern academic media centre, for example, can be found in Mittweida.

Here, you can make a success of your studies

Introductory courses

Students help one another – obviously. And teaching staff here are also open for questions and problems. Moreover, the Saxon universities have introduced programmes to help you study successfully: online preparation courses, tutorials and introductory lectures or tutoring sessions with students in higher semesters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic digitisation has received a significant boost. New digital offerings as well as hybrid teaching formats have been created. For current information on how Saxon universities deal with the pandemic please look at coronavirus.sachsen.de.

Graduates in Saxony

Here, others have already made a success of their studies

Graduates in Saxony are regularly asked how satisfied they were with their studies. In the last survey, they once again said they were very satisfied with the quality of and conditions for studying in Saxony. They rated the organisation of studies, teaching, examination organisation, specialist mentoring and advice, the spatial environment and technical equipment as well as the social climate even higher than previous cohorts. According to 78 percent of alumni, for instance, the organisation of studies is very good or good. And more than 87 percent think the social climate amongst students as well as between students and staff is also (very) good.

Here, you can undertake a "dual" study programme

Studying and working

Studying and working at the same time – that's one of the special features of studying in Germany, and in Saxony – at the universities of applied science and the Berufsakademie Sachsen, theory and practice go hand in hand. So-called dual study programmes are on offer here: you have the opportunity to gain extensive theoretical knowledge at university and practical experience in a company at the same time.

Here, you can live on a budget

And you'll be supported in all aspects of your studies

Undergraduate tertiary education at state universities is free and the cost of living is fairly reasonable. Student services at Chemnitz-Zwickau, for example, offer single rooms for students (including heating, electricity, water, internet and TV connection) at an inclusive rent of €179,50 per month. And you can also find low-price accommodation in shared houses.

The Studentenwerke (student unions) support you with their services. They offer varied meals in the canteens and cafeterias, affordable shared or individual apartments in the halls of residence, and support with student financing, as well as with social, psychosocial and legal issues. In addition, the Studentenwerke promote the coexistence of German and foreign students, and the children of students are lovingly cared for in the children's facilities.

Here, you can feel at home

Many leisure opportunities

Of course, university or college life is not just about studying. Anyone who likes to spend time outdoors is spoilt for choice in Saxony. Nearly everywhere that has a university is close to the Ore Mountains or the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. And those who are into art and culture are equally well off. More than 400 museums, including the legendary Dresden State Art Collections with their Green Vault, theatres, opera houses like the Semper Opera in Dresden and the Leipzig Gewandhaus make Saxony’s cultural landscape unique. If you prefer young, contemporary art, check out the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei or the international art show Ostrale in Dresden.

Here, you can stay

Your career in Saxony

University graduates have excellent professional prospects in Saxony. Multiple opportunities for post-graduate work experience and jobs in more than 50 research institutions or in business – from the automotive industry via biotechnology through to environmental and energy technology or the software sector – argue for starting your studies in Saxony and embarking on your career here.