In Saxony, You Can really get your Education Moving...

...and this is one reason why more and more high-school graduates are attracted by university towns such as Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. “Get your education moving – in Saxony!” is the slogan of the higher education campaign which provides detailed information about studying in Saxony.

All advantages that Saxony’s universities are offering as well as details about the campaign are listed on this website. Additionally, extended information about our universities and studying in Saxony are provided.


You can experience us live

Every year we are on tour in order to spread information about educational opportunities. Our truck - visibly striking because it carries the design of an enormous moving box – heads for schools all around Germany to bring forward arguments that underpin a decision for studying in Saxony. At these “road shows” high-school students have the great opportunity to directly talk to university students and advisors – and all this is happening against the backdrop of our truck’s “moving-house-scene”, including a cozy leather sofa, tables and chairs.

While visiting various regions in Germany, our crew is always accompanied by students from Saxon universities who were originally based at the locations we are heading to.

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